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Common Rodents to be Concerned About in Jacksonville

When you live in Jacksonville, you have plenty of rodents you should be concerned with. Whether you’re running a business or worried about an infestation at home, it’s smart to know what to look for. Let’s look at some of the most common rodents found throughout the Jacksonville area.

Most Common 3 Rodents in Jacksonville

1. House Mice

One of the most common rodents you will find in Jacksonville is house mice. These little rodents love to use homes and businesses for shelter and as a source of food. They have an oval-shaped body and usually come in colors of lighter brown or darker grey. They can range in size from about five to seven inches.

House mice are attracted to food including compost bins, pet food, gardens, and trash cans. They also look for standing water. These mice may not seem dangerous, but they can contaminate food and surfaces with their excrement and saliva. They can spread several types of diseases and they can be rather dangerous.

2. Norway Rats

These rats are also called brown rats and sewer rats. They are rather common all throughout the country including in Jacksonville. Norway rats tend to be light grey or have whitish-colored fur.

These rats are attracted to many types of food including meats, nuts, fruits, and grains. They will get into pet food, compost piles, gardens, trash cans, and other food storage areas.

Norway rates are rather dangerous. They can spread disease through excrement and saliva. These rates can also chew on things and cause major issues by chewing on wires, pipes, walls, floors, insulation, and more.

3. Roof Rats

A medium-sized rat that can get into your home or business, roof rats are found all throughout Florida. They know how to create nests in your home or business to benefit from you. When they nest near you, they gain access to temperature-controlled shelter, water, and food.

Roof rats have a light body and they are thin. They are good climbers and very agile. The name comes from the fact that they love to create nests in upper levels of buildings including attics.

These rodents are attracted to food. If you have fruit trees, they will be attracted to them. They also go after pet food, birdseed, compost bins, livestock feed, and gardens.

Identifying the type of rodent, you have in your home or business is the first step in getting rid of them. There are several common rodents found throughout Jacksonville that can get into your home or business. Getting rid of these rodents is important to protect your home, your family, your customers, and all those in your home or business.

Rodents tend to breed very fast. They can create many new generations in your Jacksonville home or business quickly. This can lead to an infestation. If you want to get rid of the rodents or you think you have a rodent issue, you need a professional pest control service to help you.

With the right one-time or ongoing rodent control services, you can get rid of the infestation. Ratchet Roach is ready to help you if you think you have rodents in your home or business.