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About Ratchet Roach

The Ratchet Roach Team has served Jacksonville and its surrounding areas for over 20 years, collectively.

The company formed in 2017 deriving its unique name from one of the most pesky, persistent and commonly found insects in FLA.  The Founder, Lead Field Technician & Field Trainer of Ratchet Roach Pest Control is a former longshoreman, current plant scholar & Real Estate Investor who spent the last decade of his life studying health, plants, plant-based insecticides, gardening, veganism and natural, eco-friendly pest management systems.

The CO-Founder, Office Trainer & Business Operations Executive is a former lending officer/credit analyst and current Realtor. She rented an apartment from a slumlord 13 years ago, encountered a disgusting roach infestation, hired 3 companies here in Jacksonville, FL to exterminate, wasted thousands of dollars and ended up resolving my own issue as well as the building’s issue entirely. Needless to say, her neighbors loved her and became long-time friends.

After a long-term friendship, finding the best pest control educator/operator, and hosting multiple business meetings…a company based on real estate knowledge (THIS IS NECESSARY), finance, integrated pest management, organic pest remedies, customer care, resilience, positivity and expertise was born.

Locally owned and operated, our community makes it enjoyable to provide remarkable service to the Jacksonville community in residential contracts as well as business.

Why choose Ratchet Roach?

  • • Customized pest planning
    • 1 year contracts NOT required
    • No haggling or unnecessary upselling
    • 24 hour phone support, suggestions for immediate relief, problem solving for the issues you’re experiencing and scheduling with our trained professionals
    • Same Day Scheduling or within 48 hours at most depending on YOUR availability
    • We treat recurring services AND follow-up visits with the same level of priority