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5 Tips to Keep Your Home Free of Fleas

Fleas are no fun to deal with and they are hard to get rid of. It’s easier to keep your home free of fleas than to deal with them once you get them.

If you’re a pet owner, you might have experienced dealing with fleas. They bite, they make your pets miserable, and they make you feel helpless. Getting rid of them becomes a full-time job. However, you can use the following tips to keep your home free of fleas.

Top 5 Tips to Keep the Fleas Out of Your Home

1. Take Care of Your Lawn

A well-groomed lawn is an important step towards preventing fleas. If you let your grass get too long, fleas have a place to hide and plenty of food sources, especially if you get rodents in your yard.

Along with cutting the grass, you want to keep the bushes trimmed and other plants under control. Don’t allow there to be places where the rodents can go as fleas will come with them.

2. Treat Your Pets

Of course, if you have pets, you need to keep them treated. They are the number one reason why fleas will end up in your home.

Bathe your pets regularly, comb them with a flea comb, and get treatments from the vet. You can even find some natural treatments to help, such as apple cider vinegar and brewer’s yeast supplements.

3. Use Cedar Chips and Diatomaceous Earth

Cedar chips spread in flower beds, under bushes, and where your pets like to lay outside can really help. Fleas don’t like cedar and this can help keep them off your property.

Diatomaceous Earth is another option and you can get a food-grade version. This product can be spread on your lawn and it will kill the fleas off without harming your pets.

4. Keep Your Home Clean

Vacuuming and cleaning help to get rid of any fleas you might get in your home. If a stray flea comes into your home, if you clean often, it won’t make it. However, if you find an adult flea, it’s likely you have lots of eggs in your home already. Cleaning might save you from an infestation.

5. Get a Professional Flea Treatment

When all else fails or you’re already in the middle of a flea infestation, a professional flea treatment makes a big difference. You can even get this type of treatment regularly to prevent fleas. Of course, a good pest control company will also treat for the rodents that might carry the fleas into your home.

If you’re dealing with fleas or any other pests, we can help. Ratchet Roach provides the services you need to keep the pests out of your home.

Nobody wants to deal with fleas. When they get into your home, it’s an exhausting process to get rid of them. It’s better to use the tips above to prevent fleas from getting into your home at all.