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About Bed Bugs: How to Control Them?

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small, oval, and brown colored insects that live on the blood of humans or animals. Adult bedbugs grow to become the size of an apple seed, and after feeding, turn red and swell. Bed bugs cannot fly but can move very quickly along the walls, ceilings, or floors and can hide anywhere. Bed bugs that are not mature usually shed their skin multiple times a day and need blood after every shedding. Under favorable conditions, bed bugs can reproduce over two to three generations in their lifetime.

Insect extermination services have a hard time controlling bed bugs because they can hide anywhere. Whether it is clothing, luggage, beds, couches, or any other item, their flat bodies make them enter any space and hide effectively. The cost of bed bug extermination is higher than other pesticides due to the challenge they pose when using.

Signs of Bed Bug Presence

  • Red and itchy bite marks on the body are a sign of bed bugs in humans. People often do not consider bed bugs until they have left their bite marks on them and while they do not spread disease, scratching the marks might lead to bleeding or infections
  • Bed bugs usually feed on humans at night when they are asleep and are mostly present in mattresses and beds. If you happen to feel itchy bites and uncomfortable nights, it might be a sign of bed bug presence, and you have to take measures or call Jacksonville exterminators to eradicate them
  • As bed bugs feed on blood, they tend to leave small rusty spots on the edge or corners of a bed. They also shed skin or exoskeleton as they mature that you may find during your search
  • An unpleasant odor like that of wet cloth is a sign of bed bugs due to the release of large amounts of pheromones. You need to call exterminators of bed bugs in Jacksonville, should you find your room smelling unpleasant constantly

Inspecting For Bed Bugs

  • If you feel like experiencing any signs of bed bug presence, check your spring mattress or bed for small rusty spots
  • As mentioned above, bed bugs release pheromones that can smell like wet cloth in large groups. Trust your nose and check your bed and room thoroughly for bed bug infestation
  • Immediately call for bug out service in Jacksonville if you find any signs or symptoms in your room as bed bugs hide efficiently and reproduce quickly

Tips to Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

  • Cover your power outlets as bed bugs tend to hide there and evade extermination. They stay hidden there until it is safe to move anywhere else and in some cases, they spread infestation by traveling through power outlets and spread to other rooms in the house
  • You can store your clothing in vacuum-sealed bags to prevent air from reaching and thus halting its presence. This is especially important while traveling as hotel rooms may have an infestation that can spread through your luggage so always use airtight bags while traveling
  • Get professional help from insect extermination services the moment you identify their presence. Delaying their extermination means, you will give them time to reproduce and infest your home. Treating bed bugs is a complex and challenging process that you cannot handle yourself. So do not hesitate to ask for professional help to get rid of bed bugs safely and effectively permanently. If you face severe infestation, call your local bug exterminators like Ratchet Roach to handle the problem professionally. Keep in mind that professionals have training in using equipment and material and many techniques can be quite dangerous if not handled by a trained person
  • Identifying early signs of bed bugs is the best way to handle the infestation at an initial stage. Look for signs and symptoms of bed bug presence or little red bite marks that appear to be itchy. If you know how these bite marks look like, you can identify and seek assistance at the right time
  • Regularly vacuum your carpets also as bed bugs also hide under carpets other than beds. Regularly vacuum beds, carpets, mattresses, and floors to make sure that bed bugs are no more around. After vacuuming, place the vacuum bag in a sealed garbage bag and dispose of it to prevent bed bugs from escaping
  • Check on your clutter and try to look for bed bug presence and immediately call a professional Jacksonville exterminator like Ratchet Roach to deal with the problem
  • Always check vents, computer cases, and other used items where bed bugs can easily hide and start spreading. As an added safety precaution, check your pets if they carry any bed bug presence that might spread into your home