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How to Prepare for Pest Control Treatment

Preparing for your pest control treatment is necessary, but how do you do it?  Usually, your pest control professionals will give you the necessary instructions. It won’t be the same for each type of pest.

When you prepare your home or business for treatment, you want to make sure you follow the instructions. Proper preparations are needed for safety and so the treatment can be as effective as possible. Let’s look at some of the common things you will need to do when preparing for pest control treatment.

Common Things to Do to Prepare for Pest Control Treatments

When you know, a professional is coming to treat your home for pests, you want to do all of the following:

  • Open any shades or curtains on your windows
  • Cover and store any food items properly
  • Put away your children’s toys
  • Cover the crib, if you have a baby
  • De-clutter the corners of the area
  • Secure the pets outside of the treatment area
  • Cover any fish or reptile tanks or remove them from the treatment area

Along with these basic things, you may also need to do specific things based on the type of pest.

Termite Tenting

Get rid of any perishable food items and remove your plants. It’s also a good idea to open the interior doors. You will need to arrange another place to stay during this type of pest control treatment.


If your home is being treated for cockroaches, you want to clean it and store all your food properly. Vacuum the entire home and move your appliances away from the walls, if possible. Also, remove the trash before treatment.


For rodents, you want to properly store all food and look for holes where they are getting in. Repair or blog these holes and remove any area where they might be seeking shelter. Also, clean areas around the fridge or stove.

Bed Bugs

Leave as much as you can inside the home for treatment. You will also want to wash all clothing and washable fabrics in hot water and dry them with hot heat. It can also help if you vacuum the cracks and crevices. Make sure to discard the vacuum bag immediately after.


When treatment is for ants, you will need to remove open food, trash, and pet food. Make sure to rinse your recyclables thoroughly and vacuum your home, as well.


Wash all pet bedding and home linens in hot water for flea treatments. You should also vacuum carpeted areas and furniture. Make sure to remove the vacuum bag and get rid of it as soon as you’re done. Mop hard floors and treat your pets for fleas at the same time your home is being treated. It’s also a good idea to treat your yard for fleas.

Preparing for pest control can help make the treatment more effective and keep you safe. Follow the instructions provided by your professional pest control team and you’ll be able to get back to normal life in no time.