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Pest Identification Guide for Seasonal Bugs in Jacksonville

There are plenty of pests you might deal with when you live in Jacksonville. Even when you run a business, you could end up with different pests.

Some of these pets are seasonal bugs. Understanding how to identify seasonal pets can help you to get rid of them and prevent them. Here’s a quick guide to help with figuring out what type of seasonal bugs you’re dealing with in Jacksonville.

Spring Season

In Jacksonville, you will find plenty of different bugs during the spring season. This is the time of year when flowers are blooming and things are getting warmer. Many bugs will come out in this season including mosquitoes, roaches, ants, and spiders.

Along with the most common bugs, you may also find bed bugs most commonly during the spring. This is also the time when termites become active. Both of these types of seasonal bugs can cause a ton of harm.

The spring is the right time of year to get a termite inspection. If you have dealt with any unexplained biting, it might be time to have a professional check your home or business for bed bugs or other spring pests.

Summer Season

The hottest time of the year, summer is very humid and very hot in Jacksonville. Pets love this time of year, even though humans might think it’s too hot. During the summer season, there are plenty of bugs you might run into.

You could deal with an infestation from fleas or roaches. This is rather common, but it doesn’t end there. Ants, ticks, and, of course, mosquitos are very common throughout this time.

When the summer season rolls around, it’s a good time to have mosquito control services conducted for your property. You may also need pest control for any of the other seasonal bugs found during the summer in Jacksonville.

Fall Season

The fall season brings one of the most dramatic changes of the year for pests in Jacksonville. As the temperatures drop, different types of bugs come out looking for food and shelter. This is the time of year when you might find black widow spiders, crickets, and scorpions. Other pests can also be found throughout the fall season.

Winter Season

While the winter season is the colder season and there are fewer pests, you may still deal with pests. There won’t be nearly as many seasonal bugs, but this season tends to be the time you get rats and mice. These rodents are looking for shelter, food, and water.

Along with rodents, you might still deal with cockroaches, silverfish, and ants during the winter. While these types of bugs are less common, they are still possible during the winter.

No matter the time of year, if you’re dealing with some type of seasonal bug or pet, you need professional help. The right pest control team can ensure you don’t have to deal with any type of pests throughout the year. You might need a specific type of treatment or control service or you might just need an inspection to figure out what type of pest you’re working with.