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Roaches 101: What to Know About These Common Pests

Cockroaches have survived since ancient times and are among the hardiest insects on Earth, being capable of withstanding freezing temperatures, going months without food, and even weeks without having a head.

No matter their resilience, cockroaches can still be controlled with help from a Jacksonville pest control company. Limiting food service areas to those designated for them; sealing any gaps and cracks outside; and routinely vacuuming can all help reduce cockroach infestations and keep roaches away.

What are Cockroaches?

Cockroaches have been around for millions of years–living through ice ages, volcanic wastelands, and the reign of dinosaurs. Extremely adaptable creatures, they will thrive wherever there is food, water, and shelter available.

Dirty dishes, decaying foods, and garbage all attract cockroaches into homes. Pooling water or leaky pipes provide the moisture needed by these insects for survival; unmanaged yards with tall grass and piles of leaves offer excellent shelter to these pesky critters as well.

Cockroaches may look sturdy, but their agility belies their harsh exteriors: they are highly agile creatures that can move quickly through narrow cracks and gaps in your home, quickly reproducing (one mating pair can produce over 400,000 offspring annually), and often causing asthma or allergies in humans, especially babies, young children or those with compromised immune systems.

Roach eggs

Roaches lay eggs inside protective sacs known as oothecae, which resemble an inflated bean capsule and vary depending on species. Female roaches deposit these sacs at safe locations by protrusion from their body or adhesive bonds with surfaces.

Oothecae can be found throughout and around homes in numerous places, such as closets, cabinets, drawers, picture frames, crawl spaces, and basements. Furthermore, they may be present near plumbing in general as well as drains specifically, as well as under or behind appliances, sacks, or wood piles and debris piles.

One female German cockroach can produce up to 30 offspring during her lifetime, so to prevent infestation, quickly clean up any spilled food and drinks, seal leftovers properly, and empty the trash daily.

Roach adults

The German cockroach, Blatella germanica, is one of the most prevalent indoor pests. A half-inch-long insect, it hides in dark corners or crevices to avoid light and can spread diseases while also leading to asthma attacks and allergies.

Brown-banded cockroaches (Periplaneta americana) are another common home pest often seen in multifamily dwellings and apartments. With reddish-brown hues and good flying capabilities, these pests spread harmful bacteria while potentially triggering allergies in people.

For your safety, to prevent cockroach infestations it is best to store food in sealed containers and dispose of waste regularly. Also, clean greasy spots off kitchen counters and floors and vacuum carpets or use dehumidifiers in basements regularly. Furthermore, trim back any plants near air vents to deter cockroaches from entering homes while sealing all openings around doors, windows, baseboards etc.

When you need to keep roaches under control and get rid of them you need the right roach control services in Jacksonville. The last thing you want is these nasty bugs taking over your home or business.