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Tips to Prevent Pantry Pests in Your Home

Pantry pests can be some of the most annoying. They ruin food and make it hard for you to keep your supply edible. When you’re dealing with pantry pests, you may need the help of a professional pest control team.

Of course, there are some things you can do to help prevent pantry pests. Let’s look at some of the top tips to help you prevent pantry pests.

7 Tips for Preventing Pantry Pests Inside Your Home

1. Use Air-Tight Containers for Food Storage

Most pests get into the pantry looking for food. If your dry foods are in air-tight containers and properly stored, you will likely be able to keep pests out. They are looking for food and if they cannot find it, you won’t have to worry.

2. Check your Food Boxes When You Buy Them

When you buy food that is in bags or boxes, make sure you inspect them before buying the products. you want well-sealed options for your pantry. If the food isn’t sealed, you might end up with pests in your pantry and in your food.

3. Put Bay Leaves in Your Containers

Bay leaves offer a great herb to keep pantry pests out. They provide an aroma that is rather distasteful for most pests that want to get into your pantry. You can place whole bay leaves under cabinets, around appliances, in trash cans, along baseboards, in food packages, and on countertops.

4. Inspect Bulk Foods Very Well

Bulk foods that you buy have the possibility of bringing pantry pests into your home. They are more vulnerable to pest infestations, especially beetles and moths. Make sure you are very careful when buying bulk foods.

5. Keep Your Pantry Clean

Crumbs and bits of food found in the pantry attract pests. You can eliminate this issue by keeping your pantry shelves clean. Clean them regularly and keep the containers you use in the pantry clean, as well.

6. Seal Cracks and Gaps in the Kitchen

Pests have to have a way to get into your pantry. They often get into your home through cracks and gaps in the kitchen. Sealing off these areas of your kitchen and pantry can help to keep the pests out.

7. Keep Out Moisture

Your pantry should stay dry at all times. Moisture is another thing pests will look for when they get into your pantry. Make sure you keep this area for food storage dry by using a dehumidifier or fan, when necessary.

It’s best to avoid using pesticides in your pantry when trying to keep pests under control. If you have an infestation already, it’s time to call a professional pest control company. They can get rid of your pantry pests, and then you can use these tips to help prevent an infestation from happening again.

Pantry pests are a massive issue, especially in the summer in Jacksonville. Make sure you do the proper things to keep your food storage area clean and free from pests.