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Tips to Select the Best Bug Extermination Company

Bug and pest infestation is an irritation homeowners face at homes. It is an unfortunate situation when you are a victim of pest infestation but have no preventive measures taken to counter. It takes a combination of sanitation, cleanliness, and maintenance practices to get rid of an infestation. Although, you can take measures to keep the infestation in control, eventually, you need to hire a bug extermination company to take care of the situation. Many bug out services in Jacksonville are available to cater to your problems, but you have to be smart in determining the differences in them. Not all companies will give you a reliable service, so you need to consider some factors in mind that will lead you to the best choice.

The following points will act as a guide to you when selecting an extermination company for your infestation problem.


Whenever considering a bug out pest control in Jacksonville, Florida, for your infestation problem, research your side to determine the service provider’s reputation and reliability. Research online and find out the best companies with positive reviews and a high level of customer service. Reviews will give you much insight into whether the company is authentic and provides a service according to their claim. Researching will give you various services for bug out in Jacksonville, FL, that you can compare for pricing and offerings.

Pay Attention to Recommendations and References

Your family and friends are the ones who will point you towards the right service or recommend the ones they have experienced. Alongside recommendations, you can also check the reviews page of any bug extermination company website by previous clients to have an idea about their service. An authentic company will not hesitate to present a list of references when asked, and the previous customers will tell you about their experience working with a company. Request your prospect service for at least three references, and make your decision accordingly.


Before finalizing any service for your home, ensure that they are qualified enough, and have current licenses for the job. You can verify the license from the state pest regulatory office to make sure you have a legit company working for you. Also, check whether a bug extermination company keeps the staff well informed about the changes in regulations, practices, or products to keep them in line with current best methodologies.


Your online research will also give you knowledge about the years of experience a company has in the field, and the years they are operating their business. It will also give you an idea about the experience of a bug extermination company. They know how to deal with situations you may be going through as they have experienced staff members on-board.

Staff and Equipment

The team a company dispatches for your service, and the equipment used determines how well the situation turns out. Ask whether their staff is trained and skilled enough to carry out the job without doing more damage than good. Similarly, check for the equipment and material they use, whether it is according to standards and does not pose any harm besides killing bugs. Every reputed bug extermination company will give you details about their staff, material standards, and operating procedures of equipment. Besides, every reputed service will train its staff with new techniques and handling procedures to make them updated with current regulations and practices.

Don’ts of Extermination Companies

Do not hire a company or service that:

  • Uses a formula that goes against EPA regulations or unregistered pesticides without proper product labels
  • Do not have valid contact information (address, telephone number, email)
  • Pressure you into signing a contract and give unnecessary reasons for it
  • Hesitates in providing credentials and identifications to a client if they want to confirm their authenticity
  • Stay away from bug extermination companies that offer an added lawn care, home repair service, or special offers for instant signups. Such companies are more focused on having various project from the same customer rather than concentrating on the service they are hired
  • Claims endorsement by government authorities like EPA or State Pest Control Department. These bodies pass regulations and do not endorse any service
  • Are more focused on pricing rather than service