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What a Disinfection Service Entails at Your Office

With the pandemic still lingering and possibilities of another wave, it’s more important than ever to consider disinfection services at your office. While it was probably something many offices should have been doing all along, now is the time to start protecting your employees and clients with the right services.

Office disinfection services offer peace of mind and give you the cleaning you truly need. Unlike regular cleaning, disinfecting will kill 99.99999% of pathogens and help keep your office safe. With surfaces becoming the perfect place for germs to hang out, it’s important to use the right service to make your office truly clean.

Complete Office Disinfection Services for a Cleaner Space

When you choose to disinfect the entire office, you will be able to kill more germs, along with bacteria, viruses, fungi, and even mold. This type of service will include cleaning all surfaces, all touchpoints, and other areas throughout the office. Not only will you make your office safer for everyone, but you will also keep employees from missing time due to illnesses.

Cutting down the spread of viruses and other pathogens in your place of work can lead to fewer missed days due to sickness. It can also mean your employees stay healthy and more productive. A complete disinfection service will make sure all the touchpoints, surfaces, and other high traffic areas are disinfected properly.

Reducing Contamination Risks

With disinfection services, you can get rid of the contamination throughout your office. Whether it’s in the bathrooms, the kitchen area, or throughout the common areas, disinfecting your office can take care of all the necessary areas.

From door handles to walls to soap dispensers to desks, your entire office can be professionally disinfected. This can make it a safe workplace and a safe place for people to visit when they have business to conduct.

Takes Care of Hard-to-Reach Areas

Sure, you can use wipes and products to disinfect some of the surfaces in your office yourself. However, you probably miss some of the worst places as they are hard to reach and you don’t even think about cleaning them. With the right disinfection services, you won’t have anything to worry about. Disinfection will happen even with the harder-to-reach areas.

If you have areas within your office that are hard to reach with traditional cleaning products, a professional team can help. You’ll be able to disinfect the entire office, even the areas you can’t easily reach, and make it clean and safe again.

Whether you need to disinfect a medical office, an office building, or any other type of business, Ratchet Roach can help. We use disinfectants approved by the EPA and CDC to make sure you get the clean you need inside your business. Our team will disinfect everything from the carpet to the windows.

Don’t let COVID-19 and other viruses have an impact on your office and workers. Use professional disinfection services to eliminate viruses before they have a chance to spread.