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Pest Control for Restaurants and Bars

When you run a restaurant or bar in Jacksonville, FL, you have to keep things clean and sanitary. Part of this process is using the right pest control company to keep out rodents, roaches, and other pests.

With so many pests seeking food and water, a restaurant or bar becomes an easy target. However, with the right pest control for restaurants and bars in Jacksonville, your business doesn’t have to be an easy target anymore.

Ratchet Roach has been helping restaurants and bars all throughout Jacksonville for years. We offer the right pest control services to help ensure the rodents and roaches stay out of your kitchen, food pantry, and other areas. 

Common Pest Issues for Restaurants & Bars in Jacksonville

The most common pests you will find in a restaurant or bar include roaches, ants, and rodents. Mice and rats are rather common if you’re not keeping your building clean and protected. All of these pets seek out small crumbs of food and water that are easily found in a restaurant or bar.

If you’re dealing with any of these common pests, you need the right commercial pest control services. You might think about taking care of the issue yourself, but calling in professionals is a better idea. These pests can be rather invasive and cause health and safety risks within your establishment.

When you are dealing with rodents, you might not just be dealing with a pest. If you don’t take care of the issue, these pests can spread diseases, such as the hantavirus or salmonellosis. Cockroaches are no better, as they can spread dozens of illnesses. 

Pest Control Services We Offer for Restaurants & Bars

No matter what type of pest you are dealing with in your Jacksonville restaurant or bar, we can help. At Ratchet Roach, we offer the best pest control services for businesses.

Roach Control in Jacksonville

With the climate in Jacksonville favoring roaches, you might deal with a roach infestation in your restaurant or bar. This can happen if you don’t have regular roach control treatments done.

Keeping these pests at bay is something we can do. Our team will offer you a fair price when dealing with a roach infestation. We also offer regular treatments to help you protect your restaurant or bar.

Rodent Control in Jacksonville

Keeping mice and rats out of your restaurant or bar is very important. Could you imagine how it would hurt your business if a customer saw one of these pests run across the floor? With our rodent control services, we make sure you don’t have to worry about pests in your business.

Our team will thoroughly inspect the premises to ensure everything is covered. Whether rodents are getting in through cracks or holes, we can make sure they cannot get in anymore. After inspecting your business, we provide a custom plan to ensure you don’t have to deal with rodents anymore.

Fly Program in Jacksonville

We also offer a fly program for restaurants and bars struggling with fruit flies and gnats. Our team can service your drains and install UV lights to help ensure these little pests don’t cause issues at your restaurant or bar.

Why Choose Ratchet Roach for Your Jacksonville Pest Control Needs?

Running a restaurant or bar in Jacksonville means you have to keep your premise clear of pests. Without the right help, this can be rather tricky. Hiring the Ratchet Roach team to take care of your pest control needs is a smart idea.

We offer more than 20 years of collective experience in the area. Our team has been providing pest control services for bars and restaurants throughout Jacksonville for years. With our affordable, regular treatments, you won’t have to worry about dealing with rodents, roaches, or ants in your business.

If you’re ready to ensure you don’t have to deal with any pest issues, we are ready to help. Call Ratchet Roach today and get the right pest control services for your restaurant or bar in Jacksonville, Florida.